Journey Begins:

First of all, my morning greetings to all and afternoon/evening greetings to those who are living on the other parts of the globe.

It’s a known fact that we all are living under the same sky but with different time zones.

Earth is a beautiful planet of our galaxy with many treasures hidden underneath, which we still aren’t aware of.

In routines of our busy lives, in the different parts of the world someone or the other unexpectedly, unknowingly hunt those beautiful treasure of the earth or the treasure of his/her life. We are still unaware of the fact, as if even for once, have we ever tried to hunt the beautiful meaning of our lives?

Don’t get confused with above facts. I am saying that, as our beautiful earth is full of treasures, like-wise our lives are also full of treasures yet to be explored!

Let’s start with simple question to our own self, what is the motto of my life?

Money, luxurious life, to be famous personality and so on…hmm!

Is this a real motto of one’s life?

No, still we are unaware of the fact, what exactly we want in our lives.

Some will say I want to be happy; some will say I want stability; some will say I just want to enjoy my time and space.

Have you ever wondered, why does we struggle on daily basis?

Answer, is to fulfill our basic needs to live a good life.

Everyone has different approach and ambition for their lives so as to fulfill their basic needs of living.

Even animals live their lives by fulfilling their basic needs!

If humans are different in all approaches than that of animals, then there should be different meanings to the human lives than that of animals, right?

It’s a simple question to ask to oneself but it will take life’s many expeditions with patience, to get an answer.

Let me know, according to you, what is the meaning of life and what is your ultimate motto of life? Have you found an answer for the same or still hunting it?

Waiting for your replies……😊

(Friends, as you know that I have started this blog with a view of two-way communication. It’s a mutual thing – give and take. Please feel free to share your thoughts, views & opinions with me.)

Life’s Treasures